Cannabis Seeds Photoperiod

Cannabis Seeds Fresco Seedshop Headshop: The key feature of photoperiod seeds is the growth of the plant as long as the light / dark cycle is maintained at 18 hours light and 6 hours dark. When the light cycle changes to 12/12 hours, flowering begins. In addition, see the detailed characteristics and choose the ideal photoperiod seed for you.

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Cannabis Seeds Autoflowering

The main feature of autoflowering cannabis seeds is the absence of light cycle. That is, the plant will bloom in about 30 days of germination regardless of the light-dark ratio, which significantly reduces the degree of difficulty and cultivation time of the plant.

Medical Cannabis

Cannabis has proven its medical value over time with many studies and extensive literature. Choosing the right seed plays an important role in treating the symptoms of any disease. Use the analytical variety filter and discover their beneficial properties.

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High THC

THC is the substance found in the flowers of the cannabis plant and is re-sponsible for the main effects on the human body. This is the main reason why most collectors choose seeds according to the plant’s THC content.

Discreet Strains

Discreet Strains

For many discretion is important for this reason we have created a collec-tion that contains cannabis seeds with the desired characteristics. Limited odor, low height and distinctive phenotype.

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Cup Winners

In different parts of the world, competitions are held to highlight the best cannabis plants. The gurus of the favorite plant try and decide on the top varieties of the year. Below you will find the Hall of Fame of the champions.

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In our online store you will find cannabis seeds from the best geneticists in the world such as

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On the page all the seeds you can see all the hemp seeds while using the seed filter to make your search much more specific.
The filter includes options such as: Autoflowering, Photoperiod Cannabis Seeds, Hybrid Indica Sativa Height Small Medium Tall, Flowering Time Normal and Short Medication, Stimulating / Relaxing Effect, CBD Level,
and of course the most famous strains such as KUSH and HAZE, SKUNK, COOKIES, GORILLA and GELATO, MANGO etc.
The Cannabis seeds we have are always fresh, kept in ideal conditions and we offer them to you at the best market price with discreet packaging and delivery service.
With advantageous new offers and many gifts we make buying seeds easier than ever.

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