How Long to Grow Cannabis

How Long Does It Take to Grow Cannabis

The main factor to look at first is whether you intend to grow indoors or outdoors.


When growing indoors, your average growth time, from start to finish, will be anywhere between 3 and 5 months. During this period, and depending on your setup, you’ll look after your seeds under a highly-controlled environment. Because of the control, you’re offered here, you’re able to watch over a wide selection of seeds/strains at one time.


In this setting, it’ll take 4 to 8 months, depending on the growth factors listed below. You might be stuck growing less variety here, but growing outdoors affords you the chance to pick seeds that have long been suitable for the environment. Further, your yield can be much greater in the expansive outdoors.

Growing Factors

Aside from the choice of indoors and outdoors, take into the following areas:

• Seed varieties
• Strain characteristic
• Potential yield

1. Seed varieties

The two main categories include:
• Feminized seeds
• Auto-flowering feminized seeds

Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds are the most-used option because they’re easy to grow and can produce strong, resilient plants with similar effects to auto-flowering seeds.
Depending on whether they’re grown outdoors or not, their growth time has a wide range of up to 32 weeks.

Auto-flowering seeds

For those needing small plants that can grow in a shorter amount of time, auto-flowering seeds will be your best option. These plants are compact and less potent than their counterparts above. Grow time will take around 12 to 16 weeks for this selection.

2. Strain Characteristics

Strain Characteristics Different strains will carry different growth characteristics. A few factors are at play here:
• Height
• Growth speed
• Bud quality

A plant’s height is going to determine where you can plant it and what will be around it. While some may stay as squatty, compact bushes, others will be tall and lean. Where the buds are concerned, some plants will have denser more aromatic buds while others can be on the subtle side. Higher-quality buds will take longer to grow.

Indica vs. Sativa

The two main distinctions made between strains are Indica and Sativa.


Indicas tend to be shorter and fatter in stature. The bushy, dense growth usually doesn’t surpass around 152 cm/60 inch.
Their size enables them to be ready in as little as 3 months.
The smell is usually quite strong, which might make them better for indoor growth.
Overall, these strains offer a relaxing full-body experience.


On the other hand, Sativas can grow from 180 cm/72 inch up to nearly 300 cm/ 120 inch.
They have a more narrow, loose-leaf look to them with a fruity or floral smell.
Sativas can take up to 2 to 4 months longer to grow.
They produce a more psychoactive, energetic head high, as opposed to Indicas.

Potential Yield

If you choose to stick with a small yield and faster-growing plants, this could cut your supply by a lot but also cut the time it takes, thus, the labor as well.