Dwarf Cannabis seeds

Dwarf Cannabis seeds are of great interest among the circles of fans of our beloved plant …

It sounds a lot but very little is written at all about it and we did our best to cover any questions you may have.

Dwarf Cannabis seeds

What is Cannabis Dwarf?

Literally when we say dwarf cannabis we mean the smallest plants that exists .
In fact of course their common feature is the distinctive height,
which is a bit relevant because usually everyone perceives the ideal distinctive height depending on their available space.
So let’s talk in numbers. A height range of 15 cm, which is the smallest in the world, up to 80 cm is a good approach to include a variety in the category Badges / Dwarves.

Of course, in this category there are also plants which, despite their small height, perform quite well and have a high content of thc.

The smallest plants are usually autoflowering, but there are also photoperiod varieties with discreet growth.
Undoubtedly the INDICA varieties are limited in size compared to the SATIVA.

But to put them a little in order and with numbers

In the graph below you can see the smaller heights in detail

Usually the golden ratio is somewhere between the need for low height and the desire for high thc with a large crop.
For this reason, many pruning techniques have been developed that usually intervene in order to grow as parallel as possible to the ground, some of them are the famous TOPing FIMing Mainlining and many others that we will have a closer look in one of the following articles .

Dwarf Cannabis seeds


Photoperiod plants excel in strength and efficiency while auto-flowering plants excel in speed and discretion.
But the passion of geneticists has brought about remarkable changes.
There are now photoperiod varieties with short flowering time and low height, but also automatic flowering varieties with quite high thc and quite good harvest yield.

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