The founders of DNA Genetics, Don and Aaron, are two cannabis enthusiasts that started their growing journey back in 80’s California. Growing in California during that time meant that they had access to some of the finest West Coast genetics, accumulating fine quality seeds from friends, family and various contacts.
In 2003 they decided to move to a more cannabis-friendly place to continue their enterprise, so they settled in Amsterdam. However, to their big surprise, there was almost no high-quality herb on Amsterdam’s cannabis market and they decided to change that using their amazing seed collection and knowledge gained over the years.
Nowadays, after almost 15 years of coming to Amsterdam, DNA Genetics are known as one of the leading breeders of high-quality, top-shelf cannabis strains. They have won over 150 awards in the cannabis industry, including every award presented at the High Times Cannabis Cup and winning High Times’ “Top 10 Strains Of The Year” award more than 5 times. Strains such as Tangie, LA Confidential, Chocolope, Martian Mean Green and Holy Grail Kush are multiple award winners and are considered standard concerning top quality, connoisseur cannabis

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