Sweet Seeds is a cannabis seed bank from Valencia, Spain and pride themselves in offering high quality feminised seeds to customers around the world. With a huge catalogue of especially productive and pleasantly aromatic strains, these guys do not mess around! All of their seeds go through a strict germination test and pass with a viability of 95% while their high quality genetics have a feminisation rate of around 99.9%. They package and distribute only their best seeds in a rigid, transparent plastic tube to protect them. All of their seeds are stored in the ideal environment with low humidity and correct temperature to ensure the optimal preservation.
With some seriously hard work behind them and a great deal of passion, Sweet Seeds have contributed much to the feminised seed revolution and breed the finest, most pungent and resinous plants with high yielding and productive genetics. Sweet seeds have recently been working hard to create new and exquisite autoflowering and photoperiod strains with the intention of exceeding the requirements of all types of grower for an affordable price. This includes CBD-rich autoflowering strains, photoperiod fast-flowering strains, an affordable, highly fragrant and exquisite new autoflowering strain “Crystal Candy”, and many more!

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