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Auto Blackberry Kush is a beautiful and rare dark, black purple diamond kush. This is a high quality Indica with a complex, fruity, earthy aroma and lots of flavor.


AUTO BLACKBERRY KUSH DUTCH PASSION is very easy to grow and produces compact plants with high yields
Auto Blackberry Kush is one of our best sellers and a long time favorite.
It is an auto strain created by crossing Dutch Passion’s original Blueberry and a dark, very potent Hash plant.
It grows very vigorously with a large main bud and many strong side branches that are typical of a dominant Indica.
It is able to achieve high yields in just 10 weeks from seed to harvest.
This strain is known for the excellent quality buds it can produce in a very short time.
From seed to harvest it takes about 10 weeks.
There are even phenotypes that are ready in 9 weeks, but these are grown indoors in a stable climate with 20 hours of light per day.
The original Blueberry from Dutch Passion is a very popular and sought after classic cannabis strain dating back to the late 1980s, early 1990s.
Blueberry won 2 cups at the High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam in 2000 and 2001.
It is still a coffee shop favorite decades after its introduction.
In addition, Blueberry’s genetics have been the basis for the creation of numerous new cannabis strains worldwide.
AUTO BLACKBERRY KUSH DUTCH PASSION is a plant that remains quite compact.
It does not grow very tall at about 1.20 and often grows with a robust and thick main flowering.
Its lateral buds do not extend very far from the main bloom, which makes this strain very interesting for a SOG plant.
Even its lateral flowers produce thick compact buds that can carry quite a bit of weight without breaking down.
With its 10-week life cycle, this is one of the fastest autoflowering strains in our collection.
Its plant structure can best be described as very compact.
The inter-nodal spacing is short and the leaves are usually broad and thick.
It has the appearance of a true old-school Afghan hashish plant.
The genetics used to grow Auto Blackberry Kush guarantees the following characteristics:
A very compact autoanthus with a high yield.
It has a very complex aroma with sweet, fruity notes from Blueberry and earthy, pine-like notes from the Hash plant.
An easy to grow autoflowering Indica dominant flower with mostly purple buds that are very compact and resinous.
Auto Blackberry Kush is a real treat for Indica lovers.
A rare auto plant with a strong physical effect.


Auto Blackberry Kush Cannabis Cups Auto Blackberry Kush won 2nd prize at the Highlife Cup 2018 in the autoflower category. The prestigious Highlife Cup attracts some of the best cannabis strains from the world’s top Breeders. Highlife Cup Cannabis Class of the Year Award, Netherlands Autoflower 2018 2nd Auto Blackberry Kush has a very complex fruity kush aroma Auto Blackberry Kush is an excellent Indica dominant autoflower. In addition to its beautiful appearance, it has a unique aroma and flavor profile. The terpene profile clearly shows the complexity of this strain. These include terpinolene, pinene, limonene, caryophyllene and myrcene as the most dominant terpenes. There are also many other terpenes e.g. linalool, humulene and the rarer ocimene, camphene and eucalyptus terpenes. Together, this creates a wonderful flavor explosion that customers best describe as fruity, earthy, piney with a berry-like undertone Auto Blackberry Kush is known for its beautiful purple buds and intense aroma Auto Blackberry Kush is one of those autoflower strains that many growers fall in love with. The beautiful bright purple buds look so special that it’s hard not to love them! It is a compact indica dominant plant that usually produces plants with purple buds. It belongs to the ‘Blue-Family’ because of its parents and the special fruity Blueberry aroma. These Blueberry genes provide the sweet and fruity notes to the complex aroma. The Hash plant provides the dominant Kush aroma with hints of earth and pine in this passage. How do you make Auto Blackberry Kush even more purple? This is a question many growers ask about this strain. Although most plants will naturally have purple flowers regardless of the circumstances, it is still possible to find green phenotypes. To give this strain the extra boost they need to turn darker or purple, we recommend letting the nighttime temperature drop sharply. This mimics an outdoor climate and helps bring out the purple colors. This hash plant reacts more to cold temperatures than most varieties. As a result, it produces different pigments. This allows the leaves and flowers to darken, often deep purple. But colors can also vary from very dark to almost black.