Banana Kush Cake Automatic

THC : 25%

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Banana Kush Cake Automatic is an exciting plant to grow, and gardeners of all levels can find success with this feminized, automatic variety. The yields are high, and the flowers display colourful hues throughout flowering. The effects are stimulating and soothing, while the terpene profile combines sweetness with spice.

Flowering stage: 50 days

Total time, seed to harvest: 78 days

Final yield: 115 grams

THC: 24,97%

Banana Kush Cake Automatic is a cannabis variety that belongs to 75% indica and 25% sativa. This strain was created by Sensi Seeds and combines the popular Wedding Cheesecake, Banana Kush and Hindu Kush Auto strains. Banana Kush Cake Automatic is easy to grow even for beginners. No need to calculate exposure time or remove male plants.

The flowering period usually ranges from seven to nine weeks, but can vary depending on the plant variety. The plants are usually small in size, which is useful if you have limited space or want to grow in privacy. Banana Kush Cake Automatic’s yields are impressive for an automatic strain, with dense buds full of ceramic resin.

Effect and Taste Banana Kush Cake Automatic

Users will experience the strain’s soothing, dreamy effect, combined with a light dose of activation due to the sativa genetics. Note: although this is an automatic variety, the psychological effect remains strong. For this reason, new users should approach its use with caution. The aroma of the plants is soft and has a strong note of scandal with sweet notes of citrus and banana – in fact, it is this aroma that gives the variety its name. The aroma of the plants is soft and has a strong note of scandal with sweet notes of citrus and banana – in fact, it is this aroma that gives the variety its name. The scent intensifies as the plants grow, but never becomes obnoxious. This can be an advantage when growing them undercover, especially for growers who only have a simple aeration system.

The taste is similar to the aroma. The dominant flavors are hash, citrus and banana, combined with brown sugar and a hint of spice. Sensi Seeds from Amsterdam was founded in 1985 by Ben Dronkers. Ben Dronkers first began collecting cannabis seeds in the 1960s from Central Asia and Southeast Asia. He began growing his own plants and breeding strains. In the 80s, an influx of new strains from the USA gave Ben more stock to work with and the ability to create powerful hybrids. He eventually created the Sensi Seed Club and was able to share his creations with other cannabis enthusiasts. Today, Sensi Seeds stocks a vast variety of strains, including some of Ben’s original creations. Considered one of the premium seed banks in the world, Sensi Seeds’ strains have won numerous awards and prizes.

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