Barney’s Farm Grinder

Barney’s Farm Grinder


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11 in stock

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Barney’s Farm Grinder

Diameter 6cm.

  • Perfect size. It is enough to grind a perfect amount of weed, it is easy to use and you can carry it easily.
  • Sharp and light. With light weight, the acrylic plastic allows perfect grinding performance.
  • Storage disk. In case you have some weed left over after twisting, this grinder has a holder for it.

Barney’s Farm

Barneys Farm’s cannabis seeds auto-flowering, photoperiod, high yield and high thc.

From a short dwarf indica to a monster sativa, Barneys farm has award-winning and new varieties for all tastes. Originally from Amsterdam, it is one of the most popular cannabis seed banks in Europe.

After all, Derry, its founder, spent much of his life above all collecting varieties of cannabis seeds from Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Thailand, Burma, Vietnam and China before he began his adventure in cannabis breeding.

As a result, it was this passion that eventually led him to establish the seed bank Barney’s Farm, which is now the most famous in the world. Most importantly, Barney’s Farm experienced Breeders continue to search the world for rare and indigenous genetics that will enrich their collection.

Video with the new strains of BARNEYS FARM here.

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