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Introducing the amazing Blue Banana Auto, which falls under the “strongest auto” strain category. This awesome strain contains up to 29% THC and offers one of the best terpene profiles in the world, and is ready to harvest in just 59 days. Expect a sweet terpene profile with a strong ripe banana flavor, perfectly paired with fruity notes that leave your mouth tasting like you just consumed a bag of delicious gummy bears. This Indica-dominant plant variety grows to around 120cm and produces up to 650gr/m2, making it an ideal choice for beginners and those looking for the highest yielding plants that can deliver strong head-to-toe sedative effects.

Appearance, Aroma & Taste BLUE BANANA AUTO

Blue Banana Auto grows buds densely, so remember to tie the branches to improve air flow between the buds and increase light penetration, allowing the buds to reach their maximum density while preventing fungus and other insects. Due to the dense foliage, it is recommended to remove the leaves gradually during cultivation, making the cutting process as easy and quick as possible. This plant does not need a lot of nutrients to produce big buds, so make sure you use high quality nutrients, covering the basics and you will be rewarded with big and juicy buds.


Blue Banana Auto is very easy to grow and without much effort she will reveal her Indica heritage and show you what she can do. This variety can reach up to 120cm, but develops a dense and strong central branch with many small lateral branches that grow as thick as the main branch and can support large buds with ease. Because of the Indica heritage, this plant has short intervals between nodes, giving the impression that each individual branch is developing a mass bud. The beautiful dark lilac flowers, on the other hand, are perfectly combined with the showy leaves of the plant which reflect a beautiful light green color at the end of flowering.


This variety is not for beginners. Initially, you will enjoy a pleasant high-energy state that allows you to focus and clear your mind, but take your time. Blue Banana Auto is a “creeper” strain and its full effect can appear suddenly, without warning. After a few tok-toks, the high-energy pleasant state slowly turns into a powerful long-lasting pain-relieving effect that feels like your whole body is melting away, relieving pain, anxiety and symptoms associated with loss of appetite, while leaving you happy and relaxed. This strain is great for helping you sleep, so take it right. BLUE BANANA AUTO strain helps in

  1. Pain 40% of people say it helps with pain
  2. Stress 39% of people say it helps with stress
  3. Depression 60% of people say it helps with depression
  4. Nausea 40% of people say it helps with nausea
  5. Headaches 39% of people say it helps with a headache


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