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Our large CINDERELLA AUTO ORIGINALS FASTBUDS strain has been bred to perform with an extremely high flower-to-leaf ratio.

In practical terms, this means that the plant will develop more flowers (buds) and fewer leaves, maximizing yield and making trimming easier. The expected production yield of this variety is 550gr/m2 thanks to the versatile branches that can grow as large as the main cola. Despite the large height of 120cm, this variety manages and remains compact.

Bud description

CINDERELLA AUTO ORIGINALS FASTBUDS develops dark green fat flowers (buds) with elongated large sized calyxes with lots of long amber hairs. Despite their thickness, the buds retain a relatively airy look, due to the unusually long hairs that give them a fluffy, fluffy appearance. Due to the large number of trichidia, the flowers (buds) look as if they have been sprinkled with powdered sugar, while the aromas they produce create a fantastic tropical aromatic blend with notes of pineapple and peach, which excites the senses.


This strain delivers a very strong cerebral euphoria. The characteristic Sativa euphoric experience prevails, which may take a while to “hit”, but when it does, it will focus your energy and lead you to a state of high spirituality and a lively mental state. Due to the Indica heritage, the high euphoria will turn into a more relaxed state that won’t “stick” you to the sofa, but will help you wind down and calm down while you enjoy the pleasant high that will make you feel for a long time that you fly among white fluffy clouds.

Plant appearance

This strain grows quite tall and reaches up to 120cm. It develops a long strong stem with thick branches, which are filled with flowers (buds). If left to grow naturally its central stem will grow quite tall. Despite its relatively tall height and thanks to its Indica side, this hybrid will grow quite compact. This makes it a great choice for those looking to grow strong Sativa strains without having to worry about vertical space. Due to the genetic mix of Indica and Sativa, the plant will not develop much foliage. In fact, the fan-shaped leaves are small, while the production yield of this particular hybrid reaches up to 550gr/m2. It is an upgraded version of the classic strain, which has been bred to offer a higher quality product and higher production yields.

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This variety does not require much attention, however it is important that the plant receives the necessary nutrients to ensure that the flowers (buds) become thick and large. Due to the size of the flowers (buds) and the number of flowering points, it is recommended that the plant be supported during the last weeks of flowering to ensure that the side branches can bear the weight and prevent them from breaking. We recommend washing thoroughly to further enrich the terpene profile and further enhance the wonderful aromas of the plant’s flowers.


Strong and wonderful sweet flavor with luscious notes of tropical pineapple and ripe peach reminiscent of the flavor intensities of a tropical cocktail, where more subtle woody flavor nuances of skunk and pine co-exist.