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FRISIAN DUCK – DUTCH PASSION is a hybrid cannabis strain bred for its characteristic duck-like leaf shape. She grows up unrecognizable as cannabis for much of her life. Its compact buds have a rather delicate spicy aroma with notes of fresh forest, pine and citrus. The aroma is not so spicy, helping it to maintain a low odor profile even when the large purple flowers have matured and dominate its appearance.Παραμένει αρκετά συμπαγής και δεν χρειάζεται πολύ διαχείριση ύψους για να αποδίδει καλά. Note that her purple tones can be a little less vivid indoors, compared to outdoor grown bud. Being the product of a Ducksfoot x Frisian Dew hybridization, the Frisian Duck has the potential to perform well. The genetics of the Frizian Dew parental root ensure healthy and strong offspring that are tough enough to get one or two punches. In addition to the prosperity in an outdoor environment, the FRISIAN DUCK – DUTCH PASSION will do well indoors. It remains quite compact and does not need much height management to perform well. Note that its purple tones may be a little less vivid indoors, compared to the bud grown outdoors.

What was first seen as a freaky cannabis plant about 5 years ago has now become a household name and bestseller in the Dutch Passion seed collection.

The special stealthy looks make this plant a great choice for the urban outdoor cannabis grower. It is a unique cannabis plant in disguise. She is also tough and easy to grow, perfect for less experienced growers.

Frisian Duck is ready to harvest after around 8-9 weeks of bloom indoors. In combination with the recommended veg phase it will take around 12-15 weeks from seed to harvest.

FRISIAN DUCK – DUTCH PASSION produces XXL crops of amazing purple flowers. between 400 and 500 grams per m 2 is possible. The plant will carry heavy buds that will smell like you stepped into a fresh forest!


The to create Frisian Duckensure the following characteristics


A reliable stealthy variety. Easy to grow and suitable for all growing conditions


A Christmas-tree style plant with strong stems and huge yields


Purple buds with an amazing fresh, fruity and spicy aroma


The FRISIAN DUCK – DUTCH PASSION is a true champion outdoors, especially suitable for growing outdoors and in greenhouses even in more northern and southern latitudes where other varieties would find it difficult to survive.