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Girl Scout Cookies are one of the most famous items, growing in popularity across nations. With the addition of autoflowering genetics and an emphasis on strong repetition it has evolved and is now available as Girl Scout Cookies Auto with the signature of the CALI team.

This autoflower has been selected based on its very strong characteristics among many of its kind after several crosses of the same strain. So the THC levels exceed 28% and the aromas and flavors are quite sweet and lemony. GIRL SCOUT COOKIES AUTO BLACK SHEEP reaches 60–100 cm in stature, depending on phenotype and environmental conditions. The plants will be ready to harvest only after 8-9 weeks from germination. Growers can expect above-average yields from this autoflowering beast when all is well Girl Scout Cookies Auto can display red and orange hues in the buds and leaves as it matures. During the flowering stage, the buds will exude very strong aromas. Indoor growers prefer Girl Scout Cookies auto seeds because they allow for a Sea Of Green (SOG) approach. You are essentially cutting the branches to create a dense canopy of buds. By removing some of the leaves, you allow the plant to focus on flower production instead of tip growth. The self-seeding structure of Girl Scout Cookies produces a single stem that is thick and bears many fan leaves. The branches, although few and far between, are productive enough to leave plenty of room for bud growth. Once the seeds of GIRL SCOUT COOKIES AUTO BLACK SHEEP begin to bloom, buds begin to appear at each node on the stem. These seeds are popular with both newcomers and veteran growers. Not only is it a simple strain to grow, but it also grows very quickly. Plus, the uniquely hardy nature of Girl Scout Cookies autoflower seeds means you’re sure to have a bumper crop. Girl Scout Cookies auto seeds have a relatively short shelf life compared to regular and female strains. Girl Scout Cookies autoflower seeds need about 18 to 24 hours of light daily. Using 600 watt bulbs for each square creates the best coverage and penetration into the leaves. Keep the temperature between 18 and 28 degrees with a relative humidity of 50% and above for the first 5 weeks and drop it as much as possible in the last 3 for maximum crystal yield. Greenhouse growers often have a fantastic advantage when growing Girl Scout Cookies autoflower seeds. Sunlight is always better than artificial light and greenhouses can make the most of what is available all year round. Not only do they protect your plants from extreme weather, but you can add lights to increase bud production. The combination of ruderalis and indica genes means that GIRL SCOUT COOKIES AUTO BLACK SHEEP seeds never get too big. Their small stature enables growers to use a small space. Top cutting and plant tying shaping methods also allow you to indirectly vary your yields.

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