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GORILLA ZKITTLEZ AUTO FASTBUDS is one of the most famous cannabis stems for automatic flowering.

  • Body The sweetener of your life. Body Delicious sweet resin with up to 25% THC!
  • Body Fast, wild and fruity. Body Top flowers ready in 63 days!
  • Body Definitely our next champion. Discover the look of modern autoflowers.
  • Much more than an excepional sweetness. It produces 550gr / m2, one of the most efficient autos.
  • Try the best of both worlds. When old and new-school flavors are mixed!
Experience real power with the superb Gorilla Zkittlez Auto. This genetic masterpiece is the perfect choice for avid seekers seeking long-term influence This is a new-school hybrid, which stands out with an exciting terpene profile with old-school flavors combined with a modern twist reminiscent of delicious candy with exotic fruits. It offers the full range of influence. It starts with a light “head” that enhances creativity and gradually turns into a long lasting deep physical relaxation effect. With up to 25% THC, this hybrid, dominated by the Indica variety, delivers up to 550gr / m2 of extremely resinous buds in just 65 days. The perfect choice for hashish extractors and producers looking for the most “aggressive” auto executives in hair production (trichomes).

Bud description

Absolutely amazing buds. The buds of Gorilla Zkittlez Auto produce beautiful dark green shades of purple with long and thin orange hairs and so much resin that it makes them white and shiny when the harvest time is approaching. The huge buds reach the size of a tennis ball. They emit a strong earthy scent with shades of lemon and orange peel that look like sweet and sour grass candies. The experience “takes off” even more as you open them.

Smoke report

This variety offers a powerful effect that can penetrate deep into the depths of your brain. As it grows slowly, you will begin to “fly” high in a super euphoric experience, before you fully understand it. The influence of Gorilla Zkittlez Auto starts as a nice relaxation with a strong sense of pure happiness that enhances creativity and will make you smile about everything.

Plant appearance

The Gorilla Zkittlez Auto can reach heights of up to 100 cm and develops a beautiful structure with obvious Indica dominance, which is easy to see in the strong branches, broad leaves and overall husky structure. Thanks to the top genetics, this variety develops many flowering sites perfectly placed on all branches that end with a few sugar leaves, which stand out with a beautiful green, almost dark purple color. With an estimated yield of up to 550gr / m2 in less than 65 days, it is the ideal variety for growers looking for the fastest and highest yielding autoflowers on the market.

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This variety can stretch and almost double in size during the first weeks of flowering, so it is good to have enough vertical space to avoid problems during the flowering stage. If cultivation is applied in parallel with many different varieties in the same area, the specific auto stem should be monitored and whenever necessary its branches should be tied,


Gorilla Zkittlez Auto offers a complex blend of classic and modern terpenes. This variety brings out a spicy and woody background that overlaps under the intense bittersweet flavors. On inhalation, you can expect old-school flavors, but they are mixed with a refreshing fruity background, which ranges from sweet orange to sour lemon flavor. On the exhale, the fruity taste unleashes its full power, leaving behind the old-school taste experience, while, at the same time, it excites the taste buds with the shocking caramel taste of tropical fruits.

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