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The HYBRID TURNING DISC 28 x 18 is definitely one of the most distinctive due to its beautiful matte black design.

  • Dimensions : 28 χ 18 cm
  • made from : Aluminium

The perfect base for your self-rolled-ones – in our classic Hybrid understatement look so that not a single bud is forgotten.

Check out the best herb smoking filters by Hybrid supreme.

Video with Hybrid Supreme products here.

  • Full 420 effect. After more than 3 years of development, we can guarantee you without a doubt: Our products filter everything except the active ingredients in your mixture.
  • Less pollutants. It is official. Lab tested, the Hybrid Supreme Filter has 38% less contaminants compared to conventional cellulose-free activated carbon filters. Your lungs and entire body will thank you.
  • No carbon dust. Everyone who has smoked with conventional activated carbon filters knows this: carbon particles on your tongue, a scratchy throat and a slight carbon taste on the palate. In addition, there is the barely visible fine carbon dust, which absorbs pollutants and brings them directly to the lungs.
  • No blockage. No clogs! Hybrid filters do not clog even when it is cold and rainy. This is made possible by the special arrangement and combination of its hybrid materials.
  • Neutral taste. Try it for yourself or just trust us – no flavor of its own, no added flavor and no distortion of your original taste.