Joint Holder Fastbuds

A must-have for smoking sessions.


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2 in stock


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Your joints are safe and ready for any moment!

Joint Holder Fastbuds

  • The perfect size. From mini to XXL, fits any pre-roll!
  • Airtight and odor-resistant. The secure lid always keeps the smell inside.
  • Easy-open pop-off cap. Keep it tight and never lose it.



Throw all your old Ziplock bags away! Our high-quality plastic joint holders provide the perfect seal for carrying your king-size or half-smoked joints discreetly, without smelling the whole place up. They can fit anything from 0.5 up to 2g joints with ease providing extra protection and allowing you to carry them in your bag, pocket, or purse without breaking.

This all-black matte joint holder comes with Fast Buds’ iconic logo on the front and a secure pop-off cap that will always keep your joints fresh. Apart from being stylish and unique, it’s very practical and can be easily opened single-handedly without even looking at it.Keep the smell where it belongs and have your pre-rolls ready to go with Fast Buds’ 420 joint holders!

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