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Here at ACE Seeds we have created a monstrous new sativa hybrid that has the potential to produce the most potent, highest THC plants in our catalog. KILLER A5 HAZE ACE SEEDS is a rare mother (and possibly the most potent) belonging to the elite Dutch Haze family developed by Nevil Schoenmakers in the late 80’s and maintained to this day. This is the Northern Lights # 5 Haze A mother characterized by her extremely triple and destructive power. 1. The superior production of 2. The intense organic and intoxicating aromas of authentic Dutch ‘Old School’ Haze. 3.Most influenced by the ancient Colombian sativas. The rarity of this A5 Haze mother is due to Nevil losing the Haze A male very early, meaning that seeds were never produced in commercial quantities using this Haze A male. With Killer A5 Haze our main aim was to create a dominant sativa hybrid that would retain (and even surpass) the extreme potency, high vigor and high yields of the A5 mother. We have achieved this by hybridizing her with the killer phenotypes of the mighty Malawi, with which we have increased the THC content even further, reaching 30% (the maximum that cannabis plants can produce). At the same time, we have significantly increased resin production and coat size, and reduced the long flowering time of A5 Haze to something more moderate (not only indoors, but also in its faster response to flowering outdoors) without having to we introduce indica. Despite its great sativa potential and very high production, Killer A5 Haze grows with a limited and manageable size, making it a sativa dominant hybrid with the highest production per m2.