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The purple king of all purples.

  • 28,5% THC! A testament to the advancements in modern autoflowers.
  • Ripe cherry on lemon cookies. Super fruity terps with a funky twist.
  • Exceptional quality with top-tier terpenes. Charming purple hues add to the allure.
  • Indulge in blissful relaxation. A potent blend of euphoria and tranquility.
  • Fast forward harvests. Full cycle in 8 weeks!



Lemon Cherry Cookies Auto™ stands as a testament to the advancements in modern autoflowers, boasting a formidable THC content of up to 28.5%. Beyond its potency, this strain delights the senses with an exceptional flavor reminiscent of lemon cherry cookies and visually captivates with its beautiful purple hues. Its effects are equally impressive, offering a potent yet relaxing experience coupled with a blissful cerebral high that banishes tension. As the smoke unfolds, the pronounced Indica influence emerges, leading to a long-lasting stoney relaxation that envelops the entire body and instills a profound sense of creative energy. Ideal for aficionados seeking a well-balanced Indica-leaning smoke, Lemon Cherry Cookies Auto™ delivers a harmonious and deeply satisfying journey.

Bud description


Expect dense, and sweet-smelling nugs. Lemon Cherry Cookies Auto™ produces purple buds with long vibrant dark orange hairs that protrude from the fat and frosty calyxes. The rock-hard purple flowers finish with a thick resin layer by harvest time and reek of sugary sweet and sour terps with slightly funky undertones.

Smoke Reports

The potency of Lemon Cherry Cookies Auto™ showcases the capabilities of modern autoflowers. With up to 28.5% THC content, this strain induces a potent relaxing effect, combined with a joyful cerebral high that leaves you completely relaxed and free of tension. As you smoke, the potent Indica influence becomes more apparent, and the energizing effects transition into a long-lasting stoney high that relaxes from head to toe and leaves you feeling

Plant appearance


Lemon Cherry Cookies Auto™ develops with a compact structure, boasting the classic Indica-like appearance with broad fan leaves and relatively short internodal spacing. Thanks to its genetic heritage, this strain is relatively easy to cultivate and rarely requires support, as the branches effortlessly bear the weight of the extremely fat colas. During the later stages of the growth cycle, expect beautiful colors, as the green hues gradually transform into light and dark shades of purple and the fan leaves fade into a dark pink coloration.

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Considering its genetic resilience, Lemon Cherry Cookies Auto™ thrives in cooler temperatures, making it a robust choice for growers in various climates. Implementing gentle defoliation not only enhances airflow but also encourages light penetration to the lower branches, ultimately resulting in remarkably heavy yields under ideal conditions. This strain’s striking purple buds further underscore its appeal, with the recommendation to lower temperatures during the final flowering weeks to accentuate their vibrant coloration. Additionally, Lemon Cherry Cookies Auto™ is well-suited for Sea of Green setups, thanks to its optimal internodal spacing, which maximizes grow space efficiency.

Flavor Lemon Cherry Cookies Auto


Lemon Cherry Cookies Auto™ tastes exactly as it suggests. It starts with a heavy smell of sugary cherry jam with a pinch of sour lemon juice. Upon inhalation, expect a sweet taste of cherry jam combined with gentle cookie undertones. As you exhale, the flavors open up, revealing a mouth-puckering flavor of freshly squeezed lemon juice that clears the sinuses and leaves a sour aftertaste on your throat and mouth for hours on end.


Cherry, Cookie, Lemon, Sweet
THC 28.5%
CBD < 1%
Harvest EU Indoor 450 – 550 gr/m2
Harvest US Indoor 1.3 – 1.6 oz/ft2 1.3 – 1.8 oz/ft2
Harvest EU Outdoor 60 – 200 gr/plant
Harvest US Outdoor 2 – 7 oz/plant
Size XL
Height 80 – 120 cm
Hight US 27 – 47 inches
Flowering 8 weeks
Room Indoor/Outdoor Grow room
sex Feminized
Sativa 30%/Indica 70%

Lemon Cherry Cookies Auto

Autoflowering Yes

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