THC : 28 %

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MAC is like a supernova in cannabis genetics and shines with great qualities. The high-yielding, aromatic and resin-infused strain has numerous fans in the US and has been optimized by Anesia to its absolute limit and an elite strain.

A female Alien Cookies crossed with a male hybrid consisting of a selected Starfighter and a Columbian. We selected an excellent and highly resinous Alien Cookies for this breeding project and optimized the yield, growth characteristics, potency and aroma by adding our own Colombian and selected Starfighter genetics.

It’s a great choice for finishing the crop and it’s fun to grow this robust and ecstasy-like strain. You can expect highly resinous high yielding flowers and killer hash quality.

Its beauty is hypnotic and the effects are far-reaching and extremely powerful. Mac improves mood, relaxes muscles, frees the mind and lets everyday stress slip away. It’s a real knockout pressure that leaves you with nothing to do but enjoy the ride.

Its high is intense, relaxing and soothing to the body combined with an intense euphoria and creative head.

Beginners should only consume it in small amounts at first. After a flood of uplifting effects that fill the mind with joyful creativity and euphoria, comes a deep relaxation that calms the whole body and banishes pain.

The buds form an extremely thick layer of hair that appears to be out of this world. Therefore, Mac is the perfect variety for producing bubble hash or killer extracts. The aroma of the resin-infused buds is tangy and refreshing tangy citrus flavors. Many of the phenotypes acquire a beautiful purple glow.

The potent hybrid effects make this strain a versatile and valuable medical strain for depression and anxiety disorders. It is also effective for sleep disorders and chronic pain.

Mac is an absolute cream of the crop in any garden and a heavy medicinal strain with amazing potency.