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Medi RSO 1:40 is a high-THC, low-CBD plant which has been developed with the express intention of being used for the production of RSO, otherwise known as Rick Simpson Oil. It is a 60% indica strain which has been bred from a special selection of the original Northern Lights strain.

Rick Simpson’s sprang to fame via his film ‘Run from the Cure’, in which he documented the successful treatment of his own skin cancer with topically applied cannabis oil which he made for himself. This heralded a global movement promoting the use of cannabis oil as a viable treatment for cancer.

N.B. Although we would never make any claims that cannabis is a cure for cancer there is nevertheless pre-clinical evidence from The Complutense University of Madrid, a university focused on public research, and St.George’s University of London Medical School showing that THC actively targets and kills cancer cells (apotheosis).

Medi RSO 1:40 can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. Indoor flowering takes approximately 9 weeks producing yields of 500 gr/m2 while outdoor-grown plants have an average yield of 700 gr. each. Buds are dense and packed with the taste of pepper and lemon produced by high levels of the terpene limonene. THC production is at 23% with CBD of about 0.5%.

The use of RSO is recommended for relieving pain due to cancer, as well as other chronic pain conditions including sciatica, nerve damage, cluster headaches and multiple sclerosis.