OCB Ultimate King Size Slim + Tips


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61 in stock

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Awsome OCB Ultimate King Size Slim + Tips!!

The detail that makes the difference is the now historic French company OCB, which has been active in the field for many, many decades.

The OCB Ultimate King Size Slim + Tips contain 32 sheets inside, their glue is Arabic and they burn slowly and lazily as it suits them.

All are accompanied by 32 tips, have King Size size and are made in France.

Paper not too thin, but not too easily stops burning

  • They contain 32 leaves and 32 gills
  • Glue: Arabic
  • Chlorine free
  • Weight: from 10g / m2 to 14g / m2
  • Less Ash
  • Slow burning
  • size: 110mm X 46mm
  • Made in France by Republic Technologies

OCB Ultimate King Size Slim + Tips

Did you know that its initials come from ..ODET – a location on the banks of the river Odet where, in 1822, the first paper mill was founded (it is very useful to have water nearby when making paper …)

CASCEDECa location in Scaër, where another paper mill was located. It was rented in 1893 and bought 24 years later, in 1917.

BOLLOREsix generations of the Bolloré family have had a major influence on the history of paper manufacturing, and particularly cigarette papers.