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OGesus Auto EXPERT SEEDS 1+1 pack

The OGesus Auto strain is a supersized auto-flowering variety that has the potential to transform your grow-op into a beautiful landscape. This is the real deal of OG Kush for outdoor planters with shorter summers and micro gardeners who cultivate their plants indoors. White Dwarf is a perfect partner, even though some people consider it sinful to do anything to the pure OG Kush strain. After only 9–10 weeks from seed, connoisseur-grade cannabis that contains 19% THC can now be produced and enjoyed to its full potential. Even the most ardent adherents of the photoperiod-only school of thought can be won over to the ways of the auto-flowering strain by offering them resin-dripping neon green buds with the spicy perfume of Kush. The holy cannabis offspring from the mating of OG Kush & White Dwarf is known as OGesus. If you have faith and wait for 9 to 10 weeks, you will be rewarded with a beautiful harvest of THC nuggets

Growing OGesus Auto EXPERT SEEDS

OGesus Auto is a strong hybrid with a Sativa dominance that will branch well and develop to a medium height. The flowering process moves quite quickly. Heavyweight yields of 400–700 g/m2 are possible when growing cannabis indoors under ideal conditions. When grown outside in warm to temperate settings with sufficient sunlight, monster plants that produce between 200 and 400 grams of harvest are achievable. Growers of all experience levels are beginning to view OGesus Auto as a strain worthy of cult status.

OGesus Autο Weed Taste & Smell

IGiven its scent & powerful & fruity flavor that reminds of tropical & exotic fruits, Ogesus Auto is a marvel very original & characteristic that gives a great final sensation on the palate. OThis comforts the senses, which are equally comforted by the taste and aroma of the beverage.

OGesus Auto Marijuana Effect

From the moment you take your first inhale, you will be able to appreciate its potent and potent position, which will give you fantastic and long-lasting laughter as well as a perfect state in which to conduct meetings in company and allow everything to flow freely .