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Crossing our original Orange Bud with Sweet Pink Grapefruit led to Passion Fruit and we couldn’t be happier with the result as it combines the best of both worlds! It is quite an easy plant to grow but can be challenging to master (in a fun way). This makes it an interesting variety for all types of growers.

Passion Fruit is a powerful hybrid with THC levels of around 20%, she is definitely considered a strong variety. We have seen phenotypes of around 25% THC and in some cases THC levels of around 30% THC have been reported, though not yet confirmed by our own lab testing.

Passion Fruit can show quite a compact growth pattern during the vegetative growth period. She can have both thick stems and big/broad fan leaves which show more of her Indica heritage. During flowering the Sativa side of the genetics becomes more evident as she starts stretching and gaining height. Being such a strong hybrid, she is suitable for all sorts of growing techniques, whether you are focused on having numerous plants per m2 or just a handful.

Passion Fruit is ready to harvest after 8-9 weeks indoors. Outdoors she can become huge so make sure you give her enough space to grow. She will be ready outdoors in the middle/end of Autumn.

Passion Fruit is one of those high quality feminised seed varieties with the potential for some of the highest THC levels and premium quality buds. This makes Passion Fruit an attractive variety for the experienced grower seeking a special harvest. Yet Passion Fruit is a forgiving variety with a wide growing latitude which makes her an option for less experienced growers too.

Be aware of prolonged periods with high humidity levels during flowering, as she can become sensitive to mold. Ensure a proper air flow to reduce the chance of losing those precious connoisseur quality buds.

In terms of robustness, Passion Fruit can handle cold temperatures quite well. Cooler night temperatures can induce some autumnal looking blue/purple hues in the buds and leaves, making her very attractive to look at. This can also increase resin levels making her even more sticky!