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POWER PLANT AUTO is a must-try automatic flower with impressive XXL performance and powerful effects. This strain has compact elongated buds that live up to the reputation of the original genetics. Known worldwide for her high yields and beautiful long Sativa buds of the highest quality, the legendary Power plant has been successfully crossed with an autoflower to bring you the same XXL performance in a shorter period of time.

Aroma and Taste POWER PLANT AUTO

Although the buds may seem a bit fluffy at first glance, crushing them reveals their full potential to you. Even a small bud can produce a significant amount, making Auto Power Plant a great choice for those looking for a strong, high-yielding auto strain. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the high potential of this lady!


This autoflowering version of Power Plant is also suitable for outdoor cultivation and gives, due to the short pupal life, the possibility of 2nd and 3rd seeds from March to June. Choose the sunniest and warmest summer months for best results. Grown indoors in just 12 weeks, it will develop into a large XXL autoflower with long solid buds and pack the same punch as the classic 90s Power Plant.


Auto Power Plant is a Sativa dominant strain and as such, the high also has clear Sativa characteristics. The result is very refreshing and energetic. It gives the user a powerful buzz, this “head high” is much stronger mentally than physically. It provides an unprecedented state of euphoria and in addition to a strong psychedelic effect the effect is calm and pleasant. It can put you in a focused state of mind where you can do more and complete tasks at breakneck speed. It is an ideal strain for listening to music, playing or relaxing on the sofa. When you consume a larger dose you will notice that the more energetic mellow high transforms into a powerful effect that will make you sit back and enjoy the moment intensely.

The energetic vibe of Auto Power Plant makes it the perfect strain for daytime or long evenings.

The POWER PLANT AUTO strain helps in

  1. Pain 20% of people say it helps with pain
  2. Stress 59% of people say it helps with stress
  3. Depression 61% of people say it helps with depression
  4. nausea 22% of people say it helps with nausea
  5. headache 37% of people say it helps with a headache


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