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Power Plant is a multiple Cannabis Cup winner Power Plant is a classic cannabis strain from the 90’s that has won many more cups in Canada in recent years:


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Why should I buy POWER PLANT DUTCH PASSION female seeds? Ideal for beginners but also interesting for experts who want to beat their current record returns. This variety has been developed to provide growers with the highest possible yield. After more than 2 decades, this dominant Sativa hybrid has gained an undisputed reputation for its XXL yields and relatively short flowering time. This classic strain is suitable for any type of grower, cultivation method, growing medium and growing conditions. It is a true all-rounder with high power and excellent performance. Power Plant is an easy to grow cannabis strain with strong growth and great yield Power Plant is a fast flowering Sativa like no other. The genetics of this strain come from South Africa and are very stable with huge growth potential. It is a very easy variety to grow, this is supported by many positive customer comments. It is therefore an ideal strain for the new grower. Even in the hands of a novice, the Power Plant will be able to produce great output. In the hands of an expert, very excellent yields are possible in a relatively short average flowering time of 9 weeks. Her buds grow larger and longer, full of sticky resin.


Power Plant is a legendary cannabis strain It has become a household name in the modern cannabis scene. Its exceptional vigor and excellent yield have convinced many experienced growers. This, together with the classic energetic and powerful “up-high” puts it on the menu of every coffee shop in the Netherlands. It is also an easily cloned plant and thanks to these excellent qualities Power Plant, along with White Widow and Amnesia Haze, is one of the most cultivated Dutch strains of all time. It grows incredibly fast and strongly during the growth and flowering phase. This is a plant that is very tolerant of temperature and humidity fluctuations. Due to its unique genetic background, it can withstand many different climatic conditions, which makes it ideal for beginners. During the flowering phase this strain can stretch significantly, 200-300% stretching is the rule not the exception. This long stretch makes her the ideal lady to grow with a short growing season, meaning if growing indoors with a lamp lasts 4 weeks the total waiting time will be around 12 weeks for a very good harvest. Her internode spacing is short to medium which means she can produce very large and well stacked blooms. Generally long flowers, about 30-50 cm, have thin Sativa leaves and a very favorable flower ratio. It is a strain rich in THC with a complex aroma and a great ‘up-high’. The power plant is even and has a very mild smoke. Sativa dominant genetics give the user a positive, feel-good feeling. Her effect is extremely strong and hits very fast! The high usually starts with a euphoric and energizing effect. It’s a strain that can give you the munchies, so don’t be surprised if you make a lot of trips to the fridge. See Power plant development calendars below