Rainbow Donut Auto ANESIA SEEDS

THC : 29 %

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Rainbow Donut Auto

Rainbow Donut Auto is a fast flowering auto strain with around 60% sativa dominance. Her entire life cycle lasts only 9-10 weeks and her dense flowers develop a thick layer of super aromatic resin. As her name suggests, she can develop beautiful bright green flowers with blue/purple hues and bright orange hyacinths that will catch your eye the day they start budding. Its aroma is dominated by intense fruit tones and notes of fresh pastries. Her flavors are similar, albeit with a slightly tart, almost tart flavor that shines through on the exhale. Finally, its stellar effects appear almost immediately after smoking. expect a warm, natural stone followed by happy waves of euphoria that will leave you feeling creative, social and uplifted. Remember, at 29% THC, take it easy when using Rainbow Donut Auto.


Το Rainbow Donut Auto

  • autofeminized seeds
  • yield: 450-500 g/m² • up to 300 g/plant
  • genetics: 60% Sativa
  • cycle: 9-10 weeks
  • suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • height: 80-100 cm • 80-120 cm
  • THC: 29%
  • aroma/ flavors: cookies, sweet



It germinates into strong seedlings with strong growth. It will usually grow to an average height of around 70-120cm and, like most cars, will take about 3-4 weeks to germinate. Anesia Seeds strongly recommends the use of light LST and Scrogging to open up the thick vegetative growth of Rainbow Donut Auto and maximize its yields. You may see her stretch slightly as she transitions into flowering and, after a total of 9-10 weeks from seed, she will be ready to harvest. When grown in ideal conditions, yields of 450-500g/m² can be achieved indoors and up to 300g/plant outdoors. The aromas, flavors and results of Rainbow Donut Auto are just as impressive as its growth characteristics.

Therapeutic effects

Of course, it can relieve pain and help reduce stress.

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