RAW Magnetic Cover 28 x 18

RAW Magnetic Cover 28Χ18cm.


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2 in stock

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The RAW Magnetic Cover 28 x 18 cm disc cover suits our metal twisting discs and are so practical and perfect for quickly dropping your materials or for storage.

Ding dong, doorbell rings – unexpected guests while you’re rolling up! No problem, just throw on the magnetic cover and everything is away.

Many of our friends also use them to keep pet hair off their tray and materials.

The RAW Magnetic Cover 28 x 18 cm is extremely thick and can be used as a second twist surface!

Size : 28 x 18 cm

From day 1, RAW has a mission to be the package leader in the smoking & lifestyle accessories industry. RAW continues to revolutionize the world of smoking by creating products that are natural, cleverly designed to enhance the smoking experience. RAW only produces high quality, earth-friendly products that enhance your smoking experience, and we refuse to ever change what we advocate. Raw paper is made from natural plants with zero combustion additives. We enjoy smoking our paper every day and will always keep it clean and raw – both for you and for us!

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