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RED WALKER PUNCH is a variety made in the USA, with all that entails. The fruit of the genetic combination between an American secret red strain combined with Purple Punch and a powerful Mexican hybrid, creates a spectacular resin production strain, as well as a terpene quality that undoubtedly surprises even the most veteran smoker.

It is a balanced sativa / indica hybrid, it grows with great stem vigor, doubling or even tripling in some cases its size during flowering.

RED WALKER PUNCH is a 5 star flavored new strain
Its taste and smell will make your taste buds completely dizzy and once you try it … You will never forget it! With sweet notes of cream, caramel and an earthy rich finish that gives body to the smoke.

Smoking this cannabis strain offers a very stimulating and psychedelic effect, a brain experience worth sharing and celebrating with friends. With each puff, this effect is combined with a pleasant relaxation of the body, which makes you feel happier and calmer.

Tips to make the most of the RED WALKER PUNCH
She loves indoor as well as outdoor
In indoor crops, it is important to limit the growing season to a maximum of 20 days, as in flowering it can even triple in size. You can apply all the methods to bring it to your measurements such as Toping, FIMing and Redwalker will continue to walk until it is filled with glittering resin that sticks like an octopus to the fingers.
If you want to experience one of these Old School pleasures, Black Sheep Seeds gives you the opportunity with the limited edition special edition RED WALKER PUNCH Limited Edition !!

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