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Since the first Skunks were developed, we mainly use Sativa and Indica hybrids to produce new types of cannabis seeds. Although the result is a combination of both, the characteristics of one always prevail over the other. That is why we name each species according to the characteristics they excel at. Our Royal Moby is a Dutch variation of the classic Spanish strain, available in feminized seeds. As it is mainly Sativa, the plant will grow and become big and strong during flowering. Indoors it can reach 1.4 meters, while outdoors and under sunlight it can reach up to 3 meters. It grows exactly as you would expect from a Sativa plant, with long branches and lots of flowers. Royal Moby’s size rewards you with the amount of his harvest. The indoor yield is 75 grams per plant or 600 grams per square meter under the light of a 600W bulb. If grown outdoors, it needs plenty of sun like the one found in Mediterranean countries, while it can also grow in extremely hot tropical climates. Under these conditions, these 3 meter plants can yield up to 1000 grams per plant. Either way (outdoors or indoors) Royal Moby can get huge and needs proper care to help it grow. The only Indica trait passed into the genes of this hybrid is a short flowering period of 9 – 10 weeks. The euphoria of smoking this strain is beyond imagination – it’s a true psychedelic trip.