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Its exotic lineage comes from the cross between Runtz, the result of the famous Zkittlez and the classic Gelato. The other parent is Orange Punch, which acts as a harvest enhancer, to obtain the high yields promised by this magnificent variety. Runtz Muffin is a predominantly Indica hybrid, which has 70% genetic presence. The other 30% is sativa, which will come to contribute substantially to this mote.It is not a tall specimen indoors, as it usually reaches up to 3.94 ft. (120 cm.), which is not a problem if we have enough space in our room or growing cabinet. Outdoors it does stretch to 6.56 ft. (200 cm.) planted directly in our soil, although if we do not have to worry about neighbors or invaders, is not a major inconvenience for the grower. As for flowering, its cycle in days is from 56 to 63 and can be ready to be harvested in October. It has large amount of terpenes, cannabinoids and first quality resin.It has a predominance in orange and lavender terpenes, giving us a relaxing fruit aroma and sweet taste. This combination is ideal for fighting bad temper and reach a state of mental balance.aving indica predominance we are going to find more corporal effects of relaxation, leaving us in a space of balance between mind and body. Its effect is quite powerful, because its really powerful 29% THC, makes it a plant only suitable for veterans.