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Runtz XL Auto (SWS88) is a 6th generation autoflowering variety. This is our extra large, automatic version that comes from the genetic line of Runtz (Zkittlez x Gelato). The variety is notable for its delicious aroma, its strong effect and its very high yield. With a genetic composition consisting of 47.1% Indica, 52.5% Sativa and 0.4% Ruderalis. It is a balanced plant with strong and fast growth.

Runtz Auto can reach a height of 60-120cm, with a yield of around 50-175g per plant and a full growth cycle of 8 weeks from cotyledon emergence to harvest. The Runtz variety has reshaped the autoflower scene in California and is one of the most aromatic and potent genetics on the US West Coast. Runtz XL Auto is the result of crossing a carefully selected Runtz clone with individuals selected from our Sweet Gelato Auto variety (SWS76). It contains high concentrations of terpenes, which give the buds a very intense, pleasant sweet and fruity aroma.

Its effect is strong and balanced, producing peaceful, relaxing moods, while simultaneously stimulating creativity and imagination.

Harvest Runtz XL Auto with a sweet and fruity taste.

Runtz XL Auto, after drying and ripening, gives one a super quality harvest, with dense and rock-tight flowers that are fully coated with resin and few leaves. Her terpene profile is certainly impressive, with a very intense and complex aroma that combines sour exotic fruit flavors from the Zkittlez family, on a creamy and sweet base. Undeniably, explosive aromas and flavors that last a long time in the mouth. Runtz XL Auto produces a strong and long-lasting high, with a THC level of 25% and a CBD content of 0.5%, promoting creativity and positive mood while providing relaxation.


  • Type: Auto-flowering feminised cannabis seed
  • Genetics: Runtz x Sweet Gelato Auto
  • 52.5 / 47.1 / 0.4 – Sativa Indica Ruderalis hybrid
  • Harvest: 8 weeks from germination
  • Indoor yield 400-550g per m2
  • Outdoor yield: 50-175g per plant
  • THC: 17-25%
  • CBD: 0.5%
  • Size: 60-120 cm