RYOT SmellSafe Hard Shell Krypto Kit

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The RYOT SmellSafe Hard Shell Krypto Kit is the most popular pocket storage system for smoking accessories and small vapors. Today, we redesigned the SmellSafe Hard Shell Krypto Kit as a result with smaller specifications and extra portability, odor absorption technology and optimized storage for smoking accessories. The Krypto-Kit is the perfect solution for the daily smoker! Combines well with RYOT Glass Bat and One Hitters.


The SmellSafe Carbon range incorporates an extensive carbon coating, thus neutralizing and trapping most odors in its pores. With the extra coating that is weather resistant and the moisture sealing zipper, they provide a real natural barrier to keep most odors inside and weather outside.

It has an extra removable with Velcro herb case “Freshness Pod”.

The RYOT range of accessories and autistic cases is for the demanding lovers of herbs. We appreciate the usefulness, the discretion and the style. Pack and protect with RYOT.

To re-activate the carbon lining filters, simply put in the dryer for 5 minutes.

Dimensions: 12 x 7 x 3.8 cm Characteristics RYOT patented SmellSafe technology Lockable zipper (lock not included) Antimicrobial Odor Absorption Microfibers Cases for storing cash, cards or paper Removable RYOT Freshness Pod Elastic grip pockets to secure it to your bag or clothing. Stretch Gusseted Pocket Ideal for lighter storage Patent number 6578707 The SmellSafe Carbon series neutralizes and traps odors. Smart accessories only at Fresco.

Watch the video of the RYOT SmellSafe Hard Shell Krypto Kit here.