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STRAWBERRY GORILLA AUTO FASTBUDS is one of the most famous cannabis stems for automatic flowering.

  • an autoflower-monster With a height of close to 150 cm, it grows one of the largest auto saplings.
  • You are testing real power. Fragrant resin with up to 27% THC!
  • total balance Suitable for day and night use, ideal strain for all day use.
  • It becomes large and offers great production efficiencies. Yield 600gr/m2!
  • The ideal effect for every day. A perfect strain for those who need an extra boost early in the morning.
Our excellent genetic selection gives birth to the wonderful Strawberry Gorilla Auto, a spectacular hybrid known for its high yield (yields) up to 600gr / m2, in just 70 days. This strain is easy to manage. However, it should be noted that the seedlings can grow up to 150 cm in height, so it is recommended for more experienced growers, as a huge seedling can be very difficult to manage for novice growers. Note that this balanced hybrid variety with the excellent 27% THC produces a spicy taste rich in terpenes, reminiscent of a combination of berries and diesel, able to excite any tasty calyx. Also, the influence of this hybrid strain can offer relief from muscle pain, while giving a huge smile. The perfect choice for those looking for an autoflower for day and night use.

Bud description

Strawberry Gorilla Auto buds are extremely frosty, a real work of art. This variety produces green buds with oversized ends and bright orange hairs that add beautiful fluffy golden streaks to all the buds. This variety gives off a gaseous aroma reminiscent of a strawberry lollipop, which intensifies as the buds open. Therefore, the expected flowers are rich in terpenes and with large amounts of resin.

Smoke report

With up to 27% THC, this autoflower strain offers a strong hybrid euphoria (high). The effects of Strawberry Gorilla Auto start in the head as an intense feeling of happiness that enhances creativity, which gradually transforms into a “journey” deep in thought. After a few minutes, the strong effect is slowly transferred to the rest of the body and “fixes” sweets, leaving the mind and body in a state of deep relaxation. It is a variety for use all day, ideal for those who want the best from both worlds. It “hits” like a strong pulsating wave in mind and body

Plant appearance

You can expect extremely lively plants with thick buds coated with resin. The Strawberry Gorilla Auto develops medium-sized fan leaves and a typical Christmas tree structure, with a tall main package and many long side branches that can easily lift huge buds. Thanks to the excellent genetics, the buds produce very small leaves (sugar leaves), making trimming a simple process, while allowing the resin to grow where it really matters: in the buds.

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We highly recommend a carbon filter, as it is an extremely spicy strain that produces strong aromas and can attract unwanted attention. You should make sure that the growing conditions and the air flow are as predicted, as this variety will reward you with the best quality flowers, under the right conditions. Due to the dense and compact buds, mold can be a huge problem. Therefore, if humidity and temperature are a problem, we recommend tying the branches to separate them or light defoliation to ensure the necessary air flow between the buds.


Gas strawberries take the experience to a whole new level. The flavors of Strawberry Gorilla Auto are intriguingly complex. This variety produces hairs rich in terpenes. When inhaled, a complex aroma of gas and strawberry prevails, reminiscent of a delicious cocktail of tropical fruits with a strong pine background. On exhalation, tropical flavors reveal a more dominant red berry flavor, ranging from strawberry to cranberry and guava, with a subtle background that looks like fuel and notes of skunk and citrus. In general, the rich taste “floods” the mouth and throat.

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