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A rapid flowering balanced hybrid cultivar that is highly productive, requiring only about 9 weeks from seed until harvest. Rich in THC, terpenes, and a medium height makes this strain ideal for beginner growers and especially those who experience shorter summers. This strain is a potent one testing at 24%, with a very impressive trichome production. A solid hybrid with strong resistance to colder weather and excellent performer both indoors and out. Expect phenomenal flavors that are a combination of vanilla cookie dough, earthy, and creamy, all together with sweet aromatic overtones of a baked fruit tart.

Bud description

Her buds are chunky, large-sized, and covered in trichomes. The buds will sparkle with an array of colors ranging from bright green, lime hues, and hints of magenta and purples. The calyx are tightly formed and clustered together making the buds dense and firm to the touch. The aroma of a broken bud is a sweet cheesecake, with a sweet earthy background.

Smoke report

The effects are more cerebral than physical, with an upbeat, energetic yet deeply relaxed edge. Thanks to her THC levels of 24%, smoking Wedding Cheese Cake Auto is best suited for those with a higher tolerance who enjoy a heavily focused, motivated, and creative effect. The fine balance of the relaxing Indica heritage will reveal itself the further you smoke, making her well suited for daytime use

Plant appearance

You can expect this beautiful “lady” to grow quite tall and reach a height of around 90-130cm, which ranks this particular autoflowering cannabis seedling among the medium height cannabis hybrids. Even with the light Sativa heritage, it only takes about 63 days from seed to harvest In practical terms, this means that Wedding Cheese Cake Auto can be grown commercially several times per year with excellent results. Thanks to its hybrid dynamics, this hybrid autoflowering cannabis seedling highlights the quality characteristics of its “parents”, i.e. Wedding Cake and Cheese, grows significantly and produces side branches with high production yields, which makes this particular plant an excellent producer. This specific strain not only develops cannabis seedlings rapidly, but also ensures abundant production yields of 450-600gr/m2 making it an excellent choice for those who wish to achieve large-scale harvests in a short period of time.