Saving your seeds

Saving cannabis seeds is a widely used method for preserving unique genetic varieties that one has particularly enjoyed or that worked very well when planted.
The most important factors when storing your seeds are keeping them cool, dark, and dry. Maintaining a constant environment with little or no fluctuation is vital to ensure the stability of your stored seeds.
You should bear in mind that humidity and temperature are the two most significant agents to have a quality storage system of seeds. Cannabis seeds are susceptible to their surroundings, since they dry out easily in a dry atmosphere and absorb moisture in a humid area.

Cannabis Seeds storage conditions:

• Humidity:

Moisture is an especially important factor if you are freezing or refrigerating your seeds. If seeds are too wet, they can rot in the refrigerator or crystallize and suffer frost damage in the freezer.

• Temperature:

6 °C or lower would be ideal in terms of temperature. Unwanted fungi and bacteria in and on the seed may otherwise build up rapidly in a moist environment. High moisture levels and high temperatures will kill cannabis seeds as quickly as an invasion of microorganisms and insects, so be careful.

• Light:

is necessary for germination; over-exposure may bring seeds to come out of their dormant state and encourage them to mutate. By keeping them in the darkness you ensure that they will remain dormant.

Places to store your seeds

• Basement:

Cool and Dark That’s two out of three requirements down. As for moisture control a food-grade silica bag will also do the trick nicely.

• Fridge:

the best option, I think is to store them in refrigerators at a temperature between 6 and 8 degrees Celsius, and with relative humidity levels between 20% and 30%. And sheltered from light, of course. This spot checks all the boxes. In regard to the best place in your refrigerator, the crisper is a good choice, as it is a little warmer than the rest of the fridge.

• Freezer:

one of the most popular places to keep your stash. The average freezer is about -15 °C dark and has a minimum of temperature fluctuations.