What is fast flowering cannabis ?

How fast a plant grows is of vital importance to most.
For many, the answer is fast-flowering cannabis seeds.
Careful cross-breeding has produced a series of fast-flowering strains that offer all the benefits of photoperiod seeds while flowering in much less time.

Thanks to fast flowering strains, the fastest growing seed no longer means compromising on quality.

But what exactly are these QUICK FLOWERING strains and how do they differ from traditional alternatives?

Simply put, fast flowering seeds were created by mixing photoperiod and autoflowering strains. More specifically, by crossing the clone of a feminized photoperiod strain with a feminized auto. This creates a strain that carries the autoflowering gene but still triggers its flowering by light like photoperiods (putting it on a 12 light 12 dark cycle).

While autoflowering genetics are not dominant, their presence leads to faster flowering times. The result is a strain that can be harvested earlier while still providing the high yields and potency levels of a traditional photoperiod variety.



It is a common misconception that fast-flowering and auto-flowering strains are the same. But photoperiods, autoflowers, and fast-flowering strains are all different.

As the name suggests, autoflowering strains start flowering automatically, usually about 3-4 weeks after planting without depending on the light cycle to switch to flowering like photoperiods.

Unlike photoperiod and fast flowering strains, which require changes in the light cycle to trigger the end of vegetation and the start of the flowering phase (putting it from 18 light 6 dark to a 12 light 12 dark light cycle).
Photoperiod strains tend to produce larger plants with higher yields and stronger flowers, but they require more work and take longer to grow.
Fast flowering strains also require a change in the light cycle to start flowering. But unlike photoperiods, they grow quickly. Most fast release strains are ready to enter the flowering phase in eight weeks at most.
They also produce larger, hardier plants than autoflowers, rewarding growers with improved yields and stronger blooms.


Fast flowering strains have a lot to offer. Of course, the impressive combination of high yields and fast flowering times is the main source of their appeal to most. But there are many other advantages to growing fast flowering strains. Growers trying a fast strain for the first time can notice a wide range of benefits:

  • Higher yields than autoflowers: With a longer growing season, fast strains can produce larger, stronger plants with improved yields and higher cannabinoid levels.
  • Faster Maturity Time Than Photoperiods: Their finely tuned genetics mean they are ready to harvest faster than typical photoperiod strains. This is a valuable feature for most growers.
  • More harvests per season: The reduced time allows for more growing cycles in the same time period. For many, this opens up the possibility of multiple harvests in a single season.
  • Lower indoor growing costs: Shorter growing times also mean less time under lights per harvest. For indoor growers, this can lead to significant savings – especially if they grow a lot of plants.
  • Can be grown in almost any climate: Fast flowering cannabis seeds produce robust plants that can thrive in almost any indoor or outdoor environment. Being able to harvest earlier also allows growers to avoid the harshest winter periods.
  • Plants are more resistant: Many fast-flowering strains have great natural resistance to mold and fungus. Faster flowering times also allow outdoor growers to avoid top rot by harvesting before the rainy season.


At one time, growing the fastest growing plant meant sacrificing yields or even quality. But fast-flowering strains have changed that.
Meticulous experimentation and breeding have produced a range of strains that promise speed without compromise. Fast flowering and high yield are no longer competing characteristics.
The perfect middle ground between autos and photoperiods are fast flowering strains, they have the best of both worlds when it comes to feminized cannabis strains and for many can be the golden ratio they are looking for.

Following are fast flowering strains.

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